The Go Beyond Summit is resource for all your health, wellness and performance needs. We host live, on-line human performance summits with speakers consisting of Doctors, Industry Experts, Coaches and Athletes covering all related topics. We have compiled an exceptional panel of over 34 experts to speak on how they go beyond in their life and use their expertise, products or services to go beyond with their patients/clients on a daily basis. These speakers are absolutely beyond amazing!

You will find, be able to purchase the best information, products and services to support all your efforts on going beyond in life. When you come across any one of these speakers in a lifetime, they will impact your life in the most positive way. Go Beyond Summit has brought over 30 amazing speakers in all different subjects of human performance, providing you the most incredible value we could possibly bring to you. Most of the speakers have a pre-recorded interview for about 45 minutes, sharing who they are and what they do. They also will go on-line live with you for 30 minutes, so check the dates for our future speakers.

The Go Beyond Summit is a seamless collaboration of Justin Frandson, Dr. Howard Cohn and Joseph Gonzalez. All of us continue to dedicate our lives to performing at the highest level and sharing 'how to' with clients either in sports or the business world. Health, Energy, Happiness, Nutrition, Sports, Longevity, Fun and Performance are our passions! We look forward to going beyond with you!

Go Beyond Summit

3151 Airway, Ste. U3
Costa Mesa, CA 92626



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