At GoBeyondSummit.com, we host on-line summits that unlock your health, wellness and performance potentials by providing access to unparalleled industry experts and trade secrets. It is for those who need a breakthrough or truly want next level results beyond belief. Access to any one of our speakers will instantly and dramatically change your life in the most positive direction. We have searched our entire careers to find the best and we are brining them directly to you for FREE.

The Go Beyond Summit is a seamless collaboration of Justin Frandson, Dr. Howard Cohn and Joseph Gonzalez. All of us continue to dedicate our lives to performing at the highest level and sharing ‘how to' with clients either in sports or the business world. Wellness, Health, Energy, Happiness, Nutrition, Sports, Longevity, Fun and Performance are our passions! We look forward you joining us and going beyond with you!

Go Beyond Summit

2700 W. Coast Hwy., Suite 244
Newport Beach, CA 92663



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