You have to register first in order to see any of our speaker content. Once registered, you have full access. Go to the ‘Speakers' and click 'Watch Live' or 'Watch Interview’.

Click any of the Register Now buttons or Click the Green Register button on the upper right corner of the Home page. Enter your name, email and zip code. We do free registration for certain groups and at certain times.

If you forgot your password, the system will allow you to reset it through your email.

We have over 30 speakers for the Dec 6-13 live on-line summit. They consist of Doctors, Industry Experts, Coaches and Athletes sharing how to elevate your performance and go beyond in life.

We have pre-recorded up to 50 minutes with a majority of the speakers. The ones we could not reach in time, we asked them to provide video links so you can get a better understanding of who they, what they do and how they can help you, prior to asking them questions live. Dec. 6-13th we will have about 5 speakers per day streaming live at different times each day. You will be able to interact directly to them through our streaming video platform. You will be able to click on their product or service links and purchase their products or services. Any purchase will come directly from the speaker or sponsors website, so GoBeyondSummit.com is not responsible for those refunds or returns. We have gone above and beyond to bring you the highest quality individuals and companies to support your needs.

Please email us regarding affiliate questions. We do not do affiliates as there are often too many returns from them and our merchant account frowns upon it.

Please email us for any sponsorship request. We have to forewarn you that we are highly selective and turn down potential sponsors if the product does not work with our platform or is not at the quality we employ.  We have hand picked our sponsors and they have proven worthy to our standards. Every existing sponsor has an incredible product that we personally have seen a tremendous benefit from using.

Yes, there is a live chat area where registrants can ask questions directly to our amazing speakers. Some of these speakers are so difficult to access, so this is a massive opportunity and value for our customers.

All speaker and sponsor information is provided with direct links to them.

We have not decided on our next summit topic. If you have suggestions we are open to hearing from you.

The speakers do not diagnose or treat through this platform. You would have to go see them in person to get a treatment.

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