Sara ‘EagleWoman’ Urquidez

Shaman Healer

When Sara Eaglewoman was quite young her family recognized that she had the gifts of intuitive vision and the ability to heal. She is known by many as the Urban Shaman, one who practices the ancient ways bringing them to life to heal and transform in today's world. She brings the gifts of the Eagle to the trenches of today's society and ones own personal life challenges. Described by those who have experienced her work as a "Miracle Worker", "Holy Woman" and a "Doctor of the Soul", Sara Eaglewoman is a conduit of the light, an open channel through which the Great Spirit works. She is a bridge to the Ancestors and Ascended Masters. A mystic and visionary of impeccable discernment, she is the embodiment of integrity and devotion. Eaglewoman transforms your life by changing the "outcome" to "become".

This speaker presentation is brought to you by Quantum Neurology. Founded by Dr. George Gonzalez, Quantum Neurology is Nerve Regeneration at its best. This system effortlessly up-regulates the nerves and floods the body/cells with light. Pain disappears and function is quickly restored. It is by far the most impressive nervous system rehabilitation ever!

After attending the QN homecoming and meeting about 100 QNCP, I can easily say that I have never seen such brilliant and talented minds in one room.  These Doctors were treating challenges that modern medicine only wishes they could solve. You must be a licensed practitioner (Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist or related) to get certified.

Fortunately for me, Dr. Gonzalez just released his Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique (GMRT) that can be taught to all industry experts, not just doctors. This technique actually lengthens the muscle. This is not stretching. You learn how to neurologically reset the length of the muscle. Did someone say gain and maintain, stride, swing and reach. Not to mention the countless benefits I can think of:

  • Grow to your full height potential
  • Rid growing pains
  • Pain and stiffness, say goodbye (It got rid of my pain and stiffness in my back instantly)
  • Reduce risk of injury

Those are just a few off the top of my head, but the list is endless. Of course, I got certified in GMRT. If you are not using QN as a Doctor or GMRT

Visit and register to get certified. All of Dr. Cohn’s Doctors at the Cohn Health Institute are QNCP. This is bound to change your life in the most positive way.

  1. Supports natural ability to remove toxins.
  2. All natural ingredients with no known allergens or side effects
  3. Quick, Safe and Effective!

In this day and age, as toxins pile up in our environment and we are exposed to an unimaginable avalanche of chemicals, EMF’s, food additives, GMO’s and the like, many of us are facing health challenges that are unexplainable. We go from doctor to doctor, searching for answers to relieve our many uncomfortable symptoms, only to be handed a prescription for medication, or to be told that there is nothing array. What is going wrong?

Having faced my own serious health crisis, I came to realize that the only way out of the maze of these “new millennium diseases” is what I call TRUE CELLULAR HEALING. When I was ill, many of the doctors I contacted could not explain what was wrong with me and that was devastating. I realized that by understanding the workings of my disease process, it empowered ME to take responsibility and seek out the information I needed to unwind the mess that existed at the cellular level. We must educate ourselves and understand what is at the root cause of our illness. We must understand what is going wrong at the cellular level and become educated on “cellular failure”. Remember: education is power.

That being said, we need a road-map to a new paradigm of healing. I have labeled mine the 5R’s OF TRUE CELLULAR DETOX AND HEALING. Although I don’t expect you to become your own doctor (that is my job), I want you to understand these principles of healing. When I was gravely ill, this knowledge gave me hope because it not only explained how I got so sick, but how my body could heal itself if I followed these steps.

  1. Remove the source
  2. Regenerate the cell membrane
  3. Restore cellular energy
  4. Reduce inflammation
  5. Re-establish Methylation

This speaker presentation was brought to you by Dr. Pompa’s CytoDetox.

This speaker presentation is brought to you by another of our go-to supplements SevenPoint2. This is Dr. Howard Cohn’s global company. I first tested it several years ago. At that time, my digestion was compromised. His ‘Recovery’ product and ‘Alkaline Booster’ were instant game changers.

He has a suite of products including clean, plant based protein powder and greens for adults and kids. The success testimonials I also hear from industry experts are incredible. One of our speakers Dr. Tom Bayne (, is a nutrition expert. I have followed him for almost two decades. He raves about Recovery and what Dr. Cohn has created in SevenPoint2. I was instantly sold on the results, but in doing my due diligence on the product, when I heard Dr. Bayne give a thumbs up and heard that he sell it in is practice, it validated it all for me at an entire new level.

I was just at the Quantum Neurology homecoming and met about 100 amazing doctors. These are the upper echelon Doctors across the country, all using cutting edge products. I personally spoke with countless doctors that have seen amazing results implementing SevenPoint2 into their treatment protocols.

If you still have any questions, just purchase it and test it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. When most compromised, I have taken up to 15 Recovery tablets per day for a few weeks and seen fantastic results. Recovery uses a Hydrogen gas, essential for healing. That is why it works so well.

Click on any of the SevenPoint2 banners on our site to get your product fast. Thank you Dr. Cohn for creating such amazing products.

Well, we are, one of the most comprehensive human performance programs in the country. We train and consult athletes, teams and corporations on going beyond (post PT bridge training, coordination, strength, speed, posture, joint stability, flexibility, corporate training, high level performance, ambidexterity, eye speed, pain reflex release, mental and of course, the Gonzalez Muscle Rest Technique (GMRT) just to name the common areas of expertise.

Yes, we pride ourselves on our instant results of taking clients to an entire new level of performance in work, sport or live and have lots of fun doing it. All Go Beyond Speakers and sponsors are part of our team. This Summit is to share every aspect of performance and health. It has taking us a lifetime to compile this impressive team and we am excited to share this information and these incredible resources with the world.  Our experts are across the entire US and some international to support your various needs. is proud to sponsor this speaker’s presentation.

There needs to be a balance of the food we consume made from God vs. man made. We are in a pivotal stage where science has developed technology and starting to use to in ways that do not suit our overall health and longevity. Polar Bears eat seals, not bread or artificial sugar. We should really look at the mammals and their survival instincts and follow suit. Our world is full of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, most all of these easily prevented.

I wrote Bliss Intake as a lifestyle, un-diet that burns fat as a primary fuel source. When one has a clean food-pairing guide, we utilize our fuel systems optimally. When we burn fat as fuel, obviously we loose weight. We don’t need to each as much and we have sustained energy as the blood sugar levels are not spiking and crashing.

This simple eBook has about 30 pages of some of the most relevant health, wellness and longevity solutions. This Speaker’s presentation is brought to you by Bliss Intake.

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