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  • Fun is an understatement! The ATHLETICISM Jump Band is similar to the Chinese Jump Rope. It is a soft, durable, elastic band, while others are rubber. It can be used for all ages. It is best used with two friends with the band around their legs as the third person jumps. The circular band makes two parallel bands jump over, on, cross, and even have participation from the two holders. You can jump forward, lateral, backward, 180, and 360 at any height you want.

    There is not a jump rope on the market that is more fun or versatile than our ATHLETICISM Jump Band.

    Want to bring the classic playground jump game to your home or party? Your new neon 10' long JumpBand brings more smiles, laughter, and fun than ever before. Watch your coordination and vertical jump increase. Get light and nimble on your feet.  Develop your athleticism with the eccentric, change of direction power in your game. There are virtually endless ways to use your new JumpBand. Jump forward, lateral, backward. Add in 180 or 360-degree turns. 
    Although you can set up two chairs to loop the JumpBand around, it is best used with friends. Two friends stand about 10' apart and the third friend jumps. Raise the height of the band to increase the level. This is for all ages. If you can stand and jump, this will be your newest obsession. It is ideal for parties, gifting, and the best stocking stuffer.


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