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  • Buy 8 Faraday Bag for the price of 7!
    This is an 8x8 military-grade Faraday Bag. Put your phone in it to protect you from your phone. It also protects your phone from any electromagnetic pulse or information getting stolen. It the highest quality faraday bag on the market.

    If you need to sleep with your phone on, put it in the Faraday Bag without sealing it. It will quiet the invisible polarized waves to allow you to sleep better. The phone will still ring with it inside and your alarm will still go off and be heard.

    You can even use the Faraday Bag during the day. The less man-made signals around you the better. So put your phone in the Faraday Bag when you are not using it. Yes, it will still ring and can still be charged while inside the bag.

    It is also ideal to use when carrying your phone in your purse. This is a perfect travel size Faraday Bag where even your wallet will fit in it. This is such a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

    Faraday Bag Bundle Set of 8

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